Solo in Singapore: Universal Studios

Been wanting to go to Universal Studios Singapore since it opened but it was just never a good time. In fact I was just in Singapore about a month ago to watch Wicked (which was awesome) but didn’t get a chance to experience the theme park coz of time constraints. Argh!

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to just make plans and head there all by myself. A solo trip it would be! Again!


I think I look pretty calm. Nope, not freaking out at all.

I was only gonna be in Singapore for the weekend  so I knew time was gonna be a factor. Friends had already told me that waiting in line for the rides was painstakingly slow. They also said that weekends were the worst with the largest crowds and that I should avoid Saturdays at all cost. So what did I do? I went on a saturday!

Hey, it’s not like I had a choice, I have very few leave days left so i had to make it a weekend trip.

But to make sure I got on all the rides I splurged an extra 50 Singapore dollars on the Xpress Pass that allowed me to cut queue…and kinda feel very important, and also kinda taller, I have issues.


One thought on “Solo in Singapore: Universal Studios

  1. Lovely pictures.

    Please be on the airwaves more Terry. I just can’t get enough of you. Especially when I start my mornings/stuck in the jam.

    You can replace Sarimah and Lil’ Kev any time. They are annoying as hell…

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